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On a recent trip to Copenhagen we stumbled upon Frama, an interiors store and design studio housed in a beautiful 19th century apothecary in Nyboder, central Copenhagen. Many of the original features have been kept, including the wooden medicine cabinets and ornate ceiling. The space has been thoughtfully curated but has a rustic and effortless charm. A number of secluded rooms come off what would have been the main pharmacy and are decorated in dark, natural tones and styled minimally with Frama’s stools, lamps, plates and candle holders. Frama describe their work as a dialogue between two opposite poles; a 'classical and contemporary approach – between digital and analogue production.’ They make furniture, lighting, apothecary, books, apparel and kitchens - a diverse range of products but with a common focus on ‘natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency’.