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We recently had the pleasure of styling and shooting Trouva's 2017 Christmas campaign. Trouva represents thousands of independent boutiques across the UK, providing a platform for them to sell their design-led homewares and lifestyle products online. Brought together under the same virtual roof makes these thoughtfully curated boutiques accessible no matter where you live in the country.
We shot a selection of Trouva's products in a stunning location house in North West London. With seven Christmas themes and emotions as our influence, we created a number of scenes to reflect each of these. Both Trouva's ethos and aesthetic are very similar to our own so this really was a pleasure to work on!

Tis The Season To Be... Cosy

Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_025.jpg
Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_027.jpg
Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_030.jpg

Tis The Season To Be... Indulgent

Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_019.jpg
Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_024.jpg

Tis The Season To Be... Generous

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Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_012_x.jpg
Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_018.jpg
Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_007_x.jpg

Tis The Season To Be... Excited

Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_040.jpg
Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_044.jpg

Tis The Season To Be... Calm

Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_047.jpg
Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_053.jpg

Tis The Season To Be... Joyful

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Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_056.jpg
Trouva_Xmas Lookbook_A+T_059.jpg